1. You may order a computer, you may pay, but Dell probably won’t deliver
2. They have ‘account managers’ who do not have a clue how their own computer systems work
3. They ask you to send information to non existent e-mail adresses
4. The only way to speak to a person is to follow the computer menu till you end up in a dead end loop, choose ‘I am finished’ but stay on the line
5. Their waiting queue music has been ‘Too many questions’ by Sam Sparro for the past six months
6. The Customer Care department has so many employees, you will have to tell your story from the desperate beginning over and over again
7. Customer Care according to Dell: listen, put on hold, have a coffee, say ‘I will check this out’, do nothing
8. Nobody at Dell that tells you: ‘I will call you back tomorrow’ has ever done so
9. When somebody does call you, it is likely to be a ‘ghost’ or ‘fake’ employee, later they will deny they employ that kind of people at Dell
10. Kafka invented Dell

By John, who ordered and paid in full for his Dell computer in August 2010, but never got it. Last communication from Dell: I will call you back tomorrow