There are many sites with useful information on media and advertising. Take the sites about the audience research for different media types.

You’ll find them here:


Research institutes

The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) And the Social and Cultural Planning Agency (SCP) do a lot of research which provides insights into the media and consumption behavior of the Dutch population. With the CBS data you can make your own tables. Almost all reports are free to download.

But also on a municipal level a lot of statistical information is available, e.g.:


The database of the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) contains a treasure of articles on research into media and advertising. You’ll not be surprised to find there 24 papers and mentions of John Faasse.


Sites on media research abroad contain loads of interesting stuff:




(Online) Trade magazines


And if you just want to look at a thing of beauty, in Google Arts and Culture you can have a closer look at art from the world’s best musea than you could ever do next time you visit them.