About Outlier

Outlier is a statistical term

Outlier: an observation that is well outside of the expected range of values in a study or experiment, and which is often discarded from the data set
But also: a person whose abilities, achievements, etc., lie outside the range of statistical probability

How will you distinguish yourself if you do the same thing as your competitors? Outlier helps you to perform above average. Do not do the same as everybody else, but be more effective, based on knowledge and research.

About John Faasse

John Faasse has been working in media research for over 30 years. He was a member of many technical committees, amongst others for print, out of home advertising and television. He is a regular speaker on national and international conferences. Co-author of ‘From mass to man, audience research in a changing mediaworld’. One of the editors of the handbook ‘Media and Advertising’.

He is a regular blogger on this website and on MarketingFacts.nl.

He was involved as originator, author and/or advisor with four projects who won the Dutch AMMA award for ‘Best Media Research’:

  • Media and Advertising
  • Media Experience
  • Kobalt Blue Delphi
  • The Mediabrain


From 2009-2016 he was chairman of the church council of the Westerkerk in Amsterdam. During the same period he founded the charity ‘Friends of the Westerkerk’ to which he was a member of the board.

He is a member of the Council of Advice to SWOCCm the Foundation for Scientific Research into Commercial Communication