What can Outlier do for you?

Research into the effectiveness of media

John Faasse has conducted hundreds of research projects into the effectiveness of media. He worked amongst others for advertisers like Unilever, Heineken, ABN-Amro, Albert Heijn, Dixons, Unive, Superkeukens and Duvel. But also for newspapers, magazines, out of home media owners, radio- and TV-stations.
From a one off effect measurement to market mix modelling. From analyses of call center data and web statistics to neuro research. You can also achieve a better return on investment from your media budget.

The best media strategy

Does the publication of the book ‘How Brands Grow’ by Byron Sharp in 2010 signal the end of media strategy? Everything seems to come down to the realisation of advertising reach? The reality is more complex. Not every advertiser has an infinite advertising budget. Depending on your starting point and your advertising goals an elaborate media strategy can still make a world of difference.

From data to company policy information

Doing new research is not always necessary. Maybe strange, coming from the mouth of a researcher. But most companies do have lots of data in house. Production figures. Data on pricing and promotional campaigns. Store and website visits. Social media data. Audience figures for advertising campaigns. Not all data are solid. More than half of the online ‘impressions’ were never seen by a human eye. One percentage point of audience reach on TV is quite something else than one percentage point of magazine reach. Outlier will help you to see through research and audience data and make the difference with the available figures.

I like to think along. The more challenging the question, the more interesting. I won’t always have enough time. But do not hesitate to call me +31 6 115 28 220 Or send an email to john.faasse@uitbijter.nl