Scientific advertising. You could do that in 1923. At least, according to Claude C. Hopkins who published the book ‘Scientific Advertising’ back then.
‘This book will help you take the guess-work out of advertising. The causes and effects have been analysed and are now understood. We know now what is most effective and this book will show you how to go about introducing this law in your business. Advertising, still looked on by many as a gamble, has now become one of the safest business ventures.’

All the more surprising that nowadays many advertisers seem to look away from everything that is wrong with online advertising and how a tsunami of nonsensical ‘online statistics’ is taken by many as the Truth with a capital T. While online is by all means fitted to do scientific experiments into the effectiveness of advertising in the spirit of Hopkins. Which could also be done with addressable TV, or online newspapers and magazines. The comeback of Claude C. Hopkins is near. Advertising is becoming a science once again.

Claude C. Hopkinsgs.