Niet alle buitenreclame in Amsterdam is ongewenst.

Starting in Amsterdam. At least that seems to be the objective of the Green-Left party in the Dutch capital. The newspaper NRC published an article recently which stated that the temporary contract that was previously awarded to JCDecaux for the exploitation of digital information objects (MUPI’s – mobilier urbain pour l’information) had been revoked.

The reason were objections by the Association of the Friends of the Amsterdam Inner City. one can of course be of the opinion that the world is a better place without advertising in general and without Out Of Home advertising in particular. But it is questionable if there is a consensus to that point. In general consumers see Out Of Home advertising as an attractive and creative medium. Adding to which well kept street furniture is indispensable for adding to a feeling of security on the street. Digital Out Of Home advertising objects can be used by the local authorities for daily information bulletins, but also for crowd management at events or in case of calamities. Local communities also profit from the substantial income fees from advertising concessions. Time for a reappraisal.s.