One of the many thought provoking contributions in the book ‘Eat Your Greens’ is Post-Truth Telly by Tess Alps. Tess is the chair of Thinkbox. Thinkbox is the UK equivalent of Screenforce in the Netherlands.
Their job is to promote television. Of course they say that TV is not dead. And they are right. Even for the agegroup of 16-34 TV still beats Facebook and YouTube.

Thinkbox Killer Chart
This is a Thinkbox ‘Killer Chart’ saying TV is not dead. I agree. Most of our viewing time goes to the TV set. Even when you are a bloody millennial it does.
Mark Ritson loves this chart too. But he also believes that all these inner circle screenagers will become the old fashioned couch potatoes from the outer circle once they are married and as old as he is. See his column here.
I disagree. (Though he is totally right about @GaryVee of course).
Here is what BARB and SKO (the Dutch BARB) measure as ‘Total TV’. Viewing time in front of the television set for different age groups 2007-2017.

If you are not my age, or the age of Mark Ritson, your viewing time, be it in the Netherlands or in the UK, is declining. And your viewing time is declining fast. 
In some more detail (and indexed for a higher dramatic effect):

Viewing Time Netherlands Indexed – Source: SKO
Those under 35 have given up on 25% to 40% of their TV time in the past 5 years. In 2013, in the UK an adult in the age group of 45-54 watched 256 minutes of TV per day, 1.7 times as much as a 16-24 year old. In 2017 they still watched a respectable 228 minutes. Only now that is 2.3 times as much as a 16-24 year old. And no Mark, they won’t be joining us on the couch 20 years from now. I know, because I made these same graphs for paper newspapers 20 years ago.
Is TV dead? Most definitely not. I think most campaigns cannot do without TV today and for many years to come. TV is not dead. But it is leaking. So it might be wise to see a doctor1.

1 I would not recommend Gary V.